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From Risk to Resilience

CFO Strategies for Navigating Uncertainty and Fueling Growth

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Tips for Ensuring a Successful Sale-Leaseback

Corporate real estate owners and private equity firms must do the prep work and find the right buyer to fully take advantage of both short- a

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Private Equity and Sale-leasebacks: Choosing the Perfect Partner

Experience, access to capital and ability to meet timing constraints are critical in today’s environment. 

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Is the net lease industrial market still “red hot”?

While overall transaction volume is down for the year, the long-term fundamentals for the net lease industrial sector remain strong. 

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Why Consider a Sale-leaseback?

Top motivations behind this financing method in today’s environment. 

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Where Net Lease Is Heading

Sale-leasebacks are growing due to a new interest in alternative financing as the sector deals with bigger macro trends.

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Why Net Lease Continues to Draw Investors

Net lease performance amid rising interest rates has W. P.

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Navigating a Rapidly Changing Retail Industry

Takeaways from the ICSC Las Vegas Convention

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6 Reasons Why Alternative Financing is a Hot Topic for CFOs

As financial stressors make cash difficult to secure, alternative financing methods such as sale-leasebacks become more attractive.  

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