Large, diversified portfolio of high-quality real estate

Our asset management teams in the U.S. and Europe are dedicated to proactively managing our portfolio and working with our tenants to ensure they have the real estate they need to meet their evolving business objectives.

Portfolio information reflects pro rata ownership of real estate assets (excluding operating properties) as of March 31, 2024.
Net Lease Properties 1,282
Total Square Feet 168M
Annualized Base Rent $1.3B
Occupancy Rate 99.1%
Tenants 335
Rent Escalations 99.6%

Global knowledge, local market insights, multi-sector expertise

Our ability to invest in different property types, geographies and tenant industries provides a wider opportunity set for new acquisitions, thereby expanding our expertise and insulating us from local market disruptions.

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Diversification Charts


Property Type

Tenant Industry

Top ten tenants

Our top ten tenants represent 19.8% of ABR and have a weighted average lease term of 14.9 years.

For more information on our top 25 tenants, see our IR presentation.

1. Apotex Pharmaceutical Holdings

11 pharmaceutical R&D and advanced manufacturing properties in Canada
Total Base Rent (%): 2.5%
Lease Term (Years Remaining): 19.0

Top Tenants - Apotex

2. Metro Cash & Carry

20 business-to-business wholesale stores in Italy and Germany
Total Base Rent (%): 2.3%
Lease Term (Years Remaining): 4.3

Top Tenants - Metro Cash and Carry

3. Extra Space Storage, Inc.

27 net lease self-storage properties in the U.S.
Total Base Rent (%): 2.0%
Lease Term (Years Remaining): 20.1

Top Tenants - Extra Space

4. Hellweg

35 do-it-yourself retail properties in Germany
Total Base Rent (%): 2.0%
Lease Term (Years Remaining): 19.9

Top Tenants - Hellweg

5. OBI Group

26 DIY retail properties in Poland
Total Base Rent (%): 2.0%
Lease Term (Years Remaining): 7.2

Top Tenants - OBI Group

6. Fortenova Grupa

19 grocery stores and warehouses in Croatia
Total Base Rent (%): 1.9%
Lease Term (Years Remaining): 10.1

Top Tenants - Fortenova

7. ABC Technologies

23 automotive component manufacturing properties in North America
Total Base Rent (%): 1.9%
Lease Term (Years Remaining): 19.1

Interior of a retail warehouse

8. Fedrigoni S.p.A

16 industrial and warehouse facilities in Germany, Italy and Spain
Total Base Rent (%): 1.8%
Lease Term (Years Remaining): 19.7

A warehouse leased to Fedrigoni, owned by W. P. Carey, against a blue sky with clouds.

9. Nord Anglia Education, Inc.

3 K-12 private schools in the U.S.
Total Base Rent (%): 1.7%
Lease Term (Years Remaining): 19.5

Build-to-Suit Case-Study: Nord-Angela-Education

10. Eroski Sociedad Cooperative

63 grocery stores and warehouses in Spain
Total Base Rent (%): 1.7%
Lease Term (Years Remaining): 12.0

A grocery store belonging to Eroski S.p.A with a vibrant green lawn and blue sky

Portfolio map

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