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Leveraging corporate finance to unlock real estate capital

Value creation opportunities in volatile times

Economies and markets have grappled with a succession of enormous challenges in the wake of the pandemic. Healthcare and geopolitical crises have cascaded into the fiscal, financial, supply chain and monetary realms, with inflation rearing its head and interest rates rising in its wake.

Rising interest rates will, in our view, cause commercial real estate values to correct significantly over a two-year timeframe. Some investors are taking to the side-lines in this period, subduing overall activity. Others are seeking opportunities. Many of these opportunities will emerge among corporates seeking to monetize their property assets in order to release capital. This will be for both defensive purposes (for instance, to service or pay down debt), or to explore new growth opportunities of their own.

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Written by Colliers Corporate Capital Solutions and featuring contributed content from Christopher Mertlitz, Head of European Investments at W. P. Carey, this 24-page whitepaper seeks to educate the reader on the macro-outlook of the global real estate pricing reset and evaluates a range of lesser-known capital-raising options for corporates to consider as traditional lenders grow more risk averse and bond issuance looks less attractive. Given the current market dynamics, sale-leaseback strategies appear to be emerging as the preferred solution for many corporates, particularly sub investment-grade organizations seeking to strengthen balance sheets. Find out why in this latest report.




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