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The Ins and Outs of Sale-leasebacks

A deep dive into the benefits, qualifications and what to look for when choosing a sale-leaseback investor

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What’s Next for Net Lease?

An uncertain outlook ahead, but opportunities still available for net lease investors within industrial and PE-sponsored sa

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Commercial Lease Types Explained: Find the Best Lease for Your Business

There are many different types of commercial real estate lease types, each of which suits the needs of different businesses. Which is the right one for you?

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Top 3 Financial Strategies for CFOs to Fund Business

While equity and debt are viable options, sale-leasebacks may be the best approach in the prevailing economic environment

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Leveraging corporate finance to unlock real estate capital

Value creation opportunities in volatile times.

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Three Ways CFOs are Leveraging Sale-leasebacks to Prepare for a Recession

Pay off existing debt, redeploy otherwise illiquid capital into higher-earning business segments and unlock financial flexibility for future growth. 

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Inflation Pumps the Case for Sale-Leasebacks

As borrowing gets more expensive, a sale-leaseback could be a more attractive option for finding cash.

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Retail Revitalization: Key Takeaways from ICSC Las Vegas

Three major themes emerging from retail’s biggest conference. 

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Three Strategic Uses of Sale-leaseback Capital for CFOs

There are several reasons businesses of all sizes may choose to monetize their owned real estate through a sale-leaseback.

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Five Benefits of Sale-leasebacks Over Traditional Debt Financing

In today’s economic environment, having access to capital is crucial in order to maintain ongoing operations and invest in growth.

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