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Three Ways Real Estate Investors Can Recession-Proof Their Portfolios

Portfolio diversification, a focus on mission-critical real estate and tenant credit analysis are key

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Why Net Lease Continues to Draw Investors

Net lease performance amid rising interest rates has W. P.

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6 Reasons Why Alternative Financing is a Hot Topic for CFOs

As financial stressors make cash difficult to secure, alternative financing methods such as sale-leasebacks become more attractive.  

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Retail’s Latest Transformation Has Investors Watching

Retail’s ‘newest normal’ requires a steadfast approach and constant monitoring of the latest trends.

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Corporate Capital Outlook – Q1 2023

This report covers detailed updates about the global economy, corporate debt capital markets and European net lease transactions

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The CFO’s Cheat Sheet

8 Financial Tips to Improve Balance Sheet Health

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Sail Through Inflationary Headwinds with Net Lease REITs

In today’s volatile market, here are three reasons why investors should consider adding net lease REITs to their portfolio.

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Five Benefits of Sale-leasebacks Over Traditional Debt Financing

In today’s economic environment, having access to capital is crucial in order to maintain ongoing operations and invest in growth.

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