Keith Parker

Information Technology Vice President, Service Delivery Manager

Keith Parker

I am a Vice President and Service Delivery Manager on the Information Technology (IT) team. I’m primarily responsible for supporting, maintaining and evaluating services at W. P. Carey. The most critical part of my job is understanding how technology is evolving and the impact that has on our business services. There’s constant innovation in the industry, and the IT services W. P. Carey uses now look a lot different than they did 15 years ago when I first started!

Describe your career journey.

My interest in IT started at a very young age. My grandfather was an electrical engineer and as a kid I had a fascination with taking electronics apart and putting them back together. I majored in Computer Science in college and started my career selling computers. Prior to W. P. Carey, I spent 9 years working in IT within the medical field at Memorial Sloan Kettering, a cancer treatment and research center.  During my time there, I only had access to the platforms that I specialized in, which were limiting. When I started at W. P. Carey just over 15 years ago, it was a very different experience – I had access to a variety of platforms, services and technology, which I had to learn and implement in a number of ways. This really enabled me to grow my “IT toolbox”, so to speak, which has been invaluable in my career. 


What’s the best part about WPC?

The best part of working for W. P. Carey has been the growth opportunities. In my tenure at W. P. Carey I’ve had the ability to work with a variety of service providers and peers both in and out of the IT industry that I may not have otherwise had access to. W. P. Carey trusts its employees to do the job they need to do, but also gives employees the flexibility to truly make the role their own, which has been a really rewarding experience. The nature of technology also keeps my job interesting. There are constant changes and new innovations for our team to investigate and understand, which keeps my day-to-day exciting! 

One of my favorite projects that I’ve worked on in recent years was the new office build-out of One Manhattan West. It was really rewarding to be part of that process from inception and see all of our hard work and planning go into the implementation of so many new technologies. 


What do you think it takes to succeed at WPC?

I think it takes hard work and dedication to succeed at any job. However, the “secret sauce” of W. P. Carey is that the company is rooted in having a great culture and believing in its employees. When you have that type of environment, it makes you want to show up for the company and your peers and really drives you to work hard and be great!