Highlights from the letter include:


Investment Activity and Focus: In 2023, W. P. Carey closed $1.3 billion of new investments at attractive spreads to its cost of capital. The company remained focused on investing in industrial / warehouse assets while also expanding into new subsectors of industrial and U.S. retail.


Inflation Continued to Provide a Boost: 56% of W. P. Carey’s rents came from leases tied to CPI, and in combination with strong fixed rent escalations, the company generated record year-over-year contractual same store rent growth, which at 4.1% was among the best in the net lease sector.


Exceptionally Strong Liquidity Position: W. P. Carey entered 2024 with exceptionally strong liquidity, including its $2 billion revolver and significant cash, in addition to unique internal sources of capital over both the near- and long-term.


Out of Office: W. P. Carey successfully executed on its plan to vastly accelerate its exit from office assets, thereby clarifying its path forward and setting a new baseline from which to grow AFFO.