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Private Equity and Sale-leasebacks: Choosing the Perfect Partner

Private equity-backed deal volume has hit its lowest point in four years. Unsurprisingly, the biggest factor contributing to this decline is the high cost of debt due to rising interest rates,...
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How Private Equity Can Leverage Sale-leasebacks

Sale-leasebacks are often used by private equity firms to raise capital to support portfolio company growth. Through a sale-leaseback, private equity firms can unlock otherwise illiquid capital tied...
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What’s Next for Net Lease?

The effect of rising interest rates registers in many ways around the real estate world, but perhaps the starkest impact can be seen in the investment volume differential in one of CRE’s most popular...
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What to Know When Leveraging Sale-leasebacks to Finance M&A

The global M&A market experienced record activity in 2021, topping $5 trillion for the first time as unprecedented dry powder, a low cost of capital and demand for inorganic growth...
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When Alternative Strategies Make Sense

The M&A market is busier than ever. As dealmakers compete to close deals that will be profitable down the road, many are looking more carefully at their financing options. To explore this notion,...