Sale leasebacks

What is a sale-leaseback?

In a sale-leaseback, a company sells its real estate to an investor like W. P. Carey for cash and simultaneously enters into a long-term lease. In doing so, the company extracts 100% of the property’s value and converts an otherwise illiquid asset into working capital to reinvest in its business or pay down debt, while maintaining operational control.

Benefits of a sale-leaseback



Immediate Access to Capital to reinvest in your core business operations, including balance sheet recapitalization, new acquisitions and R&D
Alternative Capital Source when conventional financing is limited
100% Market Value Realization of otherwise illiquid assets compared to debt alternatives
Maintain Operational Control of your facility
Potential Tax Benefits by deducting 100% of rental payments rather than being subject to interest limitations for traditional debt as defined by tax law
Gain a Long-Term Partner with the capital to fund future expansions, build-to-suits, building renovations, energy retrofits and more
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Sale-leaseback case studies

Learn how companies are leveraging sale-leasebacks as a powerful capital solution to secure the financial flexibility needed to pursue their strategic business objectives.