EoS Fitness property owned by W. P. Carey (WPC)

W. P. Carey acquires three fitness centers from developer

EoS Fitness

W. P. Carey acquires newly-built fitness facilities from developer


Tenant Description: Founded in 2014, EoS Fitness is a national fitness center operator with more than 90 locations across the U.S

Total Investment: $42 million

Transaction Type: Development/forward takeout*

Location: Arizona

Facility Type: Three state-of-the-art fitness facilities


In 2023, W. P. Carey closed the $14 million acquisition of a newly-built retail fitness center  located in Arizona and net leased to EoS Fitness, a national fitness center operator, for a period of 20 years. The state-of-the-art facility features an open weightlifting floor, perimeter cardio rooms, recovery services, saunas, an indoor turfed training area and a pool. It is well located in a high-traffic retail corridor within a rapidly growing sub-market of Phoenix.


In 2024, W. P. Carey completed a $28 million follow-on acquisition of two additional fitness facilities also located in Arizona and and leased to EoS Fitness for a period of 20 years. Both are state-of-the-art fitness centers and house the company’s flagship offerings. 


Both transactions were structured as development/forward takeouts, where the facilities were acquired from the developer upon completion of construction.


*In a forward takeout, an investor enters into an agreement with a developer to acquire a newly developed property once the development is completed. This secures the developer’s exit, allowing for easier capital planning of future projects.