Power your business with CareySolar®

CareySolar®, W. P. Carey’s solar program, is a turnkey solution providing eligible tenants the opportunity to take advantage of rooftop and carport solar installations at their leased properties with no upfront investment, no commitment beyond their lease term, and minimal disruption to business. The program also provides for Battery Energy Storage Systems (“BESS”) in certain states.



Save on your cost of power
Receive renewable credits to offset carbon emissions (state dependent)
Offset peak demand
Incur no out-of-pocket cost for solar installation
Benefit from W. P. Carey’s local networks and operational expertise to deliver efficient, customized solutions
Support your company’s sustainability goals
Reduce your carbon emission

How does it work?

W. P. Carey collaborates with each tenant to understand their current energy usage and determine the ideal solar solution for their unique property. Each project is custom to the tenant’s objectives with no commitments beyond the lease term. In most cases, W. P. Carey will finance 100% of the project and will manage all aspects from start to finish to minimize disruption to the tenant’s business.

Solar - phased timeline


No, CareySolar is designed to provide our tenants with on-site renewable energy without any upfront costs to the tenant. All the tenant needs to do is enter into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with W. P. Carey to purchase the power generated by the system.

No, the installation of on-site solar will not impact the performance of the roof or the roof warranty.

A structural assessment will be performed during the feasibility stage of the project, however most structures do not require reinforcement to support solar. In cases where structural reinforcement is required, W. P. Carey will coordinate this work and there will not be any costs to the tenant.

No, however the power that your facility consumes from the grid will be offset by the on-site solar generation. The amount of power offset by the on-site solar system will depend on the size of the system as well as the facility’s total electrical consumption.

The only impact to your existing utility account will be a reduction in consumption from the grid, which will be reflected by a cheaper bill from the current electric utility company.

Your PPA contract term will be consistent with the term of your lease with W. P. Carey, so you will have no penalties for terminating at the end of your lease term. If your lease is renewed, the PPA will also be extended through the same term.

Yes, you are committing to purchasing 100% of the power generated by the on-site solar system.

Your PPA will terminate upon expiration of your lease, and you will have no obligation to remove the system at lease expiration.

In most cases, W. P. Carey and its 3rd party vendors will manage the construction of the system turnkey. W. P. Carey also offers the CareySolar Financing Program, where the tenant manages the construction process, and the project is financed by W. P. Carey.

The system will be operated and maintained by W. P. Carey and its 3rd party vendors.

Any issues with the system will be addressed by W. P. Carey and its 3rd party vendors.

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Solar roof offsets energy consumption for leading Portuguese food retailer

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Solar roof offsets energy consumption for leading Portuguese food retailer

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