Boudewijn van Gastel

Asset Management - Europe

Boudewijn van Gastel at W. P. Carey (WPC)

Boudewijn van Gastel

Executive Director

+31 (0)20 333 1270


Boudewijn van Gastel joined W. P. Carey’s International Asset Management Team in 2012 and currently serves as Executive Director. He started his career at the Nederlandsche Beleggings Maatschappij, a Dutch private real estate investor, where he was responsible for the analysis and acquisition of new investment opportunities.

Boudewijn obtained a B.Sc. in International Economics and Business at the University of Groningen. During his Bachelor’s he also studied at The Copenhagen Business School. With his background in Economics he decided to focus on Real Estate during his Master’s, gaining a M.Sc. degree in Real Estate Studies in 2010. In his free time he enjoys a game of tennis or golf.