Acquisition of existing lease and follow-on investment

W. P. Carey provides exit strategy for institutional investor and follow-on capital to support tenant’s expansion plans 

Danske Fragtmænd

In 2018, W. P. Carey acquired a portfolio of 14 logistics assets and one corporate headquarters located across Denmark for $188 million. The portfolio is leased to Danske Fragtmænd, the leading Danish freight carrier for B2B freight solutions. In addition, in 2019 W. P. Carey made a capital commitment to fund a last-mile logistics facility completed in 2020. Proceeds from the initial acquisition funded an exit strategy for an institutional investor following a shift in their portfolio’s geographic focus. Proceeds in both transactions helped fund tenant’s plans to expand its market share across Denmark. 

"We are pleased to have W. P. Carey as our landlord and long-term partner. We look forward to working together in the future as Danske Fragtmænd seeks to expand its market share across Denmark."

Jørn P. Skov, CEO, Danske Fragtmænd