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W. P. Carey (NYSE:WPC) is one of today's largest net lease REITs with an enterprise value of approximately $21 billion and a diversified portfolio of operationally-critical commercial real estate that includes 1,204 net lease properties covering approximately 138 million square feet. Our expertise in credit underwriting and ability to structure and close complex, single and multi-country transactions helps distinguish us from other net lease investors. We also proactively manage our portfolio to meet the ongoing growth capital needs of our tenants and to enhance the value of our portfolio.

Our sophisticated solutions to complex underwriting challenges provide our tenants with:

Access to capital

Certainty of close

Tailored deal structures

Future financing for growth and expansion


Real Estate Transactions

Types of Transactions

Our real estate asset-based capital solutions include:

  • Sale-leaseback
  • Build-to-suit
  • Private equity portfolio company and LBO financing

Investment Team

Our on-the-ground investment teams in the U.S. and Europe allow us to efficiently provide capital to companies in these markets while enabling us to access a more diverse, deeper and broader pool of investment opportunities for our portfolio.


Our Investment Criteria

Executing on our portfolio strategy, a cycle-tested process founded on four key criteria, has allowed us to grow our real estate portfolio while maintaining its diversity and mitigating downside risk.

We apply the same four key criteria to each acquisition and disposition:

Creditworthiness of the tenant

Criticality of the asset to the tenant's business

Overall quality of the real estate

Transaction structure and pricing


Asset Management

Asset Management

In the same way that underwriting and structuring of new net lease investments create value, proactive asset management is required to maximize value by repositioning existing assets through re-leasing and restructuring, and taking advantage of market opportunities for strategic dispositions and capital recycling.

Asset Management Team

Our asset management teams in the U.S. and Europe identify strategic dispositions and accretive investment opportunities through expansions, renovations and follow-on transactions with existing tenants.