What is Build-to-Suit Financing?

Privcap 2013 - What is Build-to-Suit Financing?

Executive Director Kathleen Barthmaier walks through the process and the advantages of build-to-suit financing.


Build-to-Suit Financing

W. P. Carey sources, arranges, structures and closes each build-to-suit transaction. This provides a win-win situation for the tenant who leases the finished asset, allowing them full operational control of a facility tailored to its needs and for the developer who receives construction and permanent financing to fund the project. We provide build-to-suit financing worldwide.


The build-to-suit provides innovative financing for:

  • Expanding existing facilities/constructing new facilities
  • Debt reductions
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Leveraged/management buyouts
  • Corporate restructuring/exit financing
  • Acquiring addition facilities, technology and equipment to grow business
  • Transition out of a synthetic lease, mortgage or other binding debt instrument
  • Matching long-term assets with long-term liabilities

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