REIT Builds for More Deals

Jason Fox - The Deal 2013

Jason Fox speaks about recent acquisitions and European opportunities


Alternative Financing in a Global Market

Lefleur - European Case Studies

Jeffrey Lefleur discusses two WPC acquisitions in the Netherlands 


Sale-Leaseback Financing

W. P. Carey provides long-term sale-leaseback and build-to-suit financing for companies worldwide. The fundamentals of our business have remained the same for four decades. We help companies and private equity firms access the capital tied up in real estate assets by acquiring single tenant corporate and industrial properties for full market value and leasing them back to the tenant under a triple net lease. Companies are able to convert an otherwise depreciating or under-utilized asset into working capital they can use to:

  • Pay-down debt
  • Fund acquisitions
  • Reinvest in the core competencies of their business


WPC owns and manages a global investment portfolio of approximately $15.8 billion. We believe that diversification is the key to a successful real estate portfolio in that it mitigates the risk of having a downturn in any one industry, property type, geographical area or economy affect the portfolio in a significant way. Our programs are designed to allow us to adapt to our clients' financing needs.

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