Mark Goldberg

Mark Goldberg - President of Carey Financial, LLC
  • President, Investment Management
    Chairman of Carey Financial, LLC
  • (212) 492-1143

Mark Goldberg is President of Investment Management for W. P. Carey Inc. and President of Carey Credit Advisors, LLC, the Registered Investment Advisor for W. P. Carey Inc. Mr. Goldberg is Chairman of Carey Financial, LLC Board of Managers.

Previously, Mr. Goldberg served as President of Carey Financial, LLC from 2008 to March 2015. In his present capacity as Managing Director of W.P. Carey Inc., he serves as an Officer of CPA®:17 – Global, CPA®:18 – Global, Carey Watermark Investors (CWI 1) and Carey Watermark Investors 2 (CWI 2).

Prior to W. P. Carey, Mr. Goldberg was President and Chief Executive Officer of Royal Alliance Associates, Inc., an independent broker-dealer and member of one of the nation's largest networks of independent Financial Advisors. Before his successful tenure at Royal Alliance, Mr. Goldberg was Executive Vice President of SunAmerica Financial Network, a subsidiary of SunAmerica and the parent company of six national broker-dealers. He also served as President of SunAmerica’s securities affiliate in Tokyo.

Mr. Goldberg joined the Investment Program Association’s (“IPA”) Board of Directors in 2010 and, in 2014, was named Chairman. In January 2015, he assumed the role of IPA’s Chair Emeritus. Mr. Goldberg is a member of the Board of Directors of St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children. He is a founding member and former Director of the Financial Services Institute. Mr. Goldberg is a former member of the Board of the Jerusalem Institute of Technology.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts in economics from Yeshiva University. Mr. Goldberg is a Licensed Securities Principal (Series 24).