Board of Directors

  • Ben Griswold - Board of Directors

    Benjamin H. Griswold, IV Non-Executive Chairman of the Board
    Chairman of the Executive Committee
    Board Member

  • Jason Fox - Investment Team

    Jason E. Fox Chief Executive Officer
    Board Member

  • Mark A. Alexander Chairman of the Audit Committee
    Board Member

  • Peter Farrell  - Board of Directors

    Peter J. Farrell Chairman of the Compensation Committee
    Board Member

  • Axel Hansing - Board of Directors

    Axel K. A. Hansing Board Member

  • Jean Hoysradt - Board of Directors

    Jean Hoysradt Board Member

  • Margaret G. Lewis Board Member

  • Richard Marston - Board of Directors

    Dr. Richard C. Marston Board Member

  • Chris Niehaus Chairman of the Investment Committee
    Chairman of the Nominating and
    Corporate Governance Committee
    Board Member

  • Nick van Ommen - Board of Directors

    Nick J. M. van Ommen Board Member