Carey Forward


Wm. Polk Carey was an entrepreneur, a pioneer in global corporate finance and a philanthropist for more than six decades. His career can be defined by two core principles and from which he founded W. P. Carey in 1973 – Investing for the Long Run® and Doing Good While Doing Well®.

Mr. Carey believed—as we do today—that our business by its very nature promotes prosperity, but he also believed that his responsibility did not end there.

In 1988, he established the W. P. Carey Foundation to support educational institutions and to promote business education. Inspired by his generosity, W. P. Carey created the Carey Forward program shortly after his passing in 2012.

The Carey Forward program encourages employees to give back by volunteering their time and resources to causes near and dear to their hearts. Through the program, employees bring the same qualities to our community as they do to their professional work: excellence, commitment and, perhaps most important, Doing Good While Doing Well.